Scholarship Details

Alhamdulillah, the scholarship spans the duration of a year, immersing participants in the study of the -Qur’an and Arabic language. With a rigorous schedule of 5 days a week dedicated to Qur’anic studies, students have ample opportunity to deepen their understanding, whether through memorization, revision, or the privilege of reciting the Qur’an cover to cover numerous times under the guidance of skilled teachers. 


We have developed a 12-month structured scholarship to be delivered within Egypt, Cairo using the following reputable institutes:   

Fajr Centre providing Arabic studies. Click here for more info 

Zidni Ilma Centre  Cairo providing Quran studies. Click here for more info 

This structured approach not only fosters spiritual growth but also allows for a profound engagement with the sacred text. Beyond the Qur’an, the programme offers comprehensive Arabic classes, also held 5 days a week. These classes provide a pathway to fluency in Arabic, empowering students to communicate effectively and develop a nuanced understanding of the language. 

Through these language sessions, participants can expect to attain proficiency in speaking Arabic and cultivate a strong foundation in Arabic grammar. However, the level of mastery achieved is contingent upon the individual’s dedication and effort invested in their studies. 

The students will be enrolled within both institutes and expected to attend and follow the curriculum set by both institutes. Sacred Studyz will cover the costs for all accommodation and educational fees, including curriculum textbooks.

Students are housed in self-contained flats managed by our own staff, in which they are provided with all the needs of the education and living requirements.  The accommodation is within walking distance to the educational facilities, mosques and local amenities. Students will be sharing double occupancy rooms with fellow students from the programme within the flats. Each flat has a communal kitchen, bathrooms and living space.  All household bills including Wi-Fi is covered by the scholarship. 


An Example of a study Working Week is: 


Saturday to Wednesday: 
  • 08:00 – 10:30  Quranic/Classical  Arabic studies 
  • Break until 12:00 
  • 12:00 – 16:00 Quran memorisation, revision and Tajweed.  
  • 16:00 onwards the students are free to undertake the following activities at their own pace: Gym, Food prep, Cleaning, Homework and revision, Rest, Social interaction with other students. 

Every Thursdays, the students have an 11:00am Group Islamic development course focused on reflections from the Quran, building good character and leadership skills.  



Full day off. 


Every 8 weeks, the students will have two extra days off from learning Arabic resulting in a 4-day weekend.  This time off will be used to arrange an activity such as (but not limited to) quad biking, horse riding, beach, water park or Islamic history trips all within Cairo. 

The focus of the Scholarship is based around building a solid foundation of Quran memorisation and Arabic language studies which combined are the building blocks for any future development and studies.  

A structured management assessment and review processes has been developed by the team which will overlook the students with regular face to face and online meetings, as well  as student performance recorded keeping.   This allows the management to monitor progression of each student and put in place any additional support required. 

The programme allows for one single break opportunity in which students may return to the UK if needed, and that is during the last ten days of Ramadhan.  No other breaks or return opportunities are authorised during the scholarship.  Families that wish to visit must do so at their own expense and during break periods only.  If a student’s performance is not to expected standard, then holidays will not be authorised.  

Students will be expected to cook, clean and maintain the accommodation during the stay.  Meals/food items/clothes/personal items/phones/sim top-ups are not included within the sponsorship package.

Ultimately, this scholarship provides a holistic educational experience, fostering a deeper connection to the Qur’an and equipping students with valuable linguistic skills that extend far beyond the classroom.